Brothers We Stand: A one-stop-shop for sustainable menswear

Shopping for mens sustainable fashion or ethical fashion is getting that much easier thanks to businesses such as Brothers We Stand.

Brothers We Stand takes the hunt for sustainable menswear out of the picture by doing it for eco savvy customers instead. Offering both an online outlet and a shop in Bristol, Brothers We Stand is a one-stop-shop for ethical and sustainable brands such as Mud Jeans, Elvis & Kresse, Rapanui, Level Collective, Rio and its own label, Brothers We Stand.

The UK-based business carries out rigorous research to ensure that every product in its collection meets three standards which include “ethical production” – that the manufacture of goods is respectful of both people and the planet; “designed to please” – that products look good and perform the jobs they were created to do; and identifying clothes that are “created to last”.

Brothers We Stand provide their customers with the story of how their clothes are made – every item has a tag explaining its social and environmental impact.

Brothers We Stand opened its first flagship store in Wapping Wharf, Bristol in the summer. Using almost entirely reclaimed materials, the store is housed in a shipping container. The online store also ships internationally.

Brothers We Stand 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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