WindArt: Wind turbines function as energy providers and works of art

Wind turbines are becoming a most welcome addition to the world’s landscape and skies, and now it appears, an artist’s canvas too.

Last year, two Portugese artists – Joana Vasconcelos, known for adorning the Venice Biennale with tampons and placing a pink feathered helicopter in the Palace of Versailles, and celebrated street artist, Vhils – were commissioned to take on a pair of 100m-high Senvion wind turbines.

The project, WindArt Project: Tribute to Renewable Energy, celebrates the construction of Douro Sul Wind Farm, as one of Europe’s largest. Located in Serra de Leomil, in the mountainous Moimenta da Beira region of Portugal, Âncora Wind’s privately-funded project saw the two artists adapt their signature style to a wind turbine and its blades as their canvas.

Both artists projected and drew the elements that cover two wind towers, in what has been touted as the world’s tallest contemporary art project.

Street artist Vhils, renowned for his giant portraits of anonymous figures – wrapped his turbine in a graphic interpretation of nature’s textures and an observing human eye. While Joana Vasconcelos adorned her turbine in brightly coloured folk-inspired iconography.

The two artists used high-strength vinyl to apply their designs on the turbines. Using art, WindArt Project aims to explore the integration of the wind towers in the landscape.

WindArt Project: Tribute to Renewable Energy was unveiled soon after Portugal made international headlines for running solely off renewables for a remarkable 107 hours in 2016.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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