Sustainable Stays: Knoydart House, Knoydart, Scotland

Scotland boasts some of the most wonderful landscape the world has to offer. It also has some of the most remote places to visit and stay.

Knoydart House is an eco haven located in a tranquil, remote part of Scotland. Overlooking Loch Nevis, this exemplar of Scottish sustainable luxury is located in the Northwest Scottish Highlands, and is only accessible via a passenger ferry. That’s just a glimpse of how special and unique this place is.

With its lofty vaulted ceilings, exposed timber frames and floor-to-roof cathedral windows offering spectacular views of Loch Nevis, fondly known as the Loch of Heaven, Knoydart House blends seamlessly into the landscape.

This magical holiday cottage, which offers self-catering accommodation, is an ode to eco luxury. Owners Iain and Jackie, who uprooted from Aberdeen-shire to Knoydart some 20 years ago when the population was a mere 72, have created accommodation with total respect for its environment – green electricity is provided by a private small hydro scheme, and the house was built with environmentally sensitive insulation materials and sustainable wood.

Other eco credentials at Knoydart House includes a thermal heat pump, wood burning stove using locally sourced sustainable wood fuel, half flush toilets, energy efficiency appliances, and low energy light bulbs throughout.

The south-facing cottage, which basques in the sunlight, sits in a woodland which is a nature lover’s dream with its delights of Scots pine, silver birch, wildflowers, blackberries, raspberries and mushrooms to name but a few.

Wrapped around decking, Knoydart House also features a hot tub which provides a perfect vantage point, at twilight and on evenings, to indulge in the splendours of Loch Nevis. The cottage’s decking has also been known to welcome some of Knoydart’s animal kingdom including roe deer, stags, and hinds.

Knoydart House was built with “social space in mind, maximising light, loch views and natural resources”. Its large vaulted ceilings and open timber frame beams allowing floor-to-ceiling windows means there is no part of Knoydart House where the “heavens” of Loch Nevis can not be marvelled at.

The five-bedroom cottage, which is tastefully decorated throughout in a mix of antique and modern furnishings and sleeps up to 10, makes Knoydart House an ideal location for a family getaway, honeymoon or a gathering. The self-catering accommodation caters for all ages, including babies.

The eco luxury cottage is ideally located to explore the rugged and remote landscape, which is one of the primary attractions of the Knoydart area. With four munros and numerous corbetts within the Knoydart boundary, it is a popular ascent and descent for hillwalkers. And the 120-strong community in Knoydart, welcomes visitors with the necessary amenities.

Images: © Knoydart House

Knoydart House

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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