Kamikatz Public House: Zero waste pub built entirely out of recycled waste

Kamikatz Public House, a zero waste pub and grocery store built entirely out of recycled waste, has become a central gathering space in Japan’s Kamikatsu, a town which aims to become completely zero-waste by 2020.

The building, designed by the architects Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP, houses a bar, a micro brewery, and also living spaces which make ingenious use of recycled materials. From reclaimed floor tiles to a stunning colourful chandelier made from recycled bottles, the design is an inspiring and beautiful example of how creative one can be with reclaiming, recycling and waste.

Tiles from an abandoned factory were brought in to be used as flooring, bottles were cleaned up to be used for a custom chandelier in the pub’s seating area, while the walls have been covered with recycled newspaper. Outside, the large, 26 feet-high facade is decked out with reclaimed double-pane windows, while the cedar cladding was painted with a natural, tannin-based paint.

Kamikatsu in Tokushima province is committed to zero waste, aiming to become a sustainable recycling society. The town has already attained an 80% recycling rate by sorting its waste into 34 categories.

Kamikatz Public House, which won the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award in 2016, is a shining example of how zero waste can benefit the community.

Speaking about the project, architects Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP said: “As the word ‘pub’ comes from ‘public house’, we decided to bring the principles of the community, the wisdom and ways of the people towards waste to form through architecture. Our aim was to create a public house so that the community could feel pride in their actions.

“To make the pub a local symbol when looking up from the town, the windows comprising fittings from abandoned houses were set eight meters high. We gathered windows that illuminated the town in the past and dedicated our wish that they would serve as a lantern of hope to shine upon the town struggling with a declining population.

“By embodying the town’s vision within everyday life, the locals who gather at this pub are beginning to truly realize that their actions are fun and creative. The town was also inspired by this and newly established a display shelf for construction materials at the recycle centre.”

The building also conserves energy and resources, and reduces harmful emissions though reuse, reduce, and recycle.

With the town now making headlines for its exemplary zero waste practices, Kamikatsu is starting to see a growth in the regional economy as well as tourism.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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