Shine: Youth musical weaves together climate science and artistic expression

Shine is a musical performance for youth community engagement that “weaves together climate science and artistic expression into a funny and powerful story”.

The musical begins with the Earth moving through generations, while humanity develops and begins to depend heavily on fossil fuels. Spanning over 300 years of geological time, Shine conveys how humanity, energy and climate are interrelated. You can watch the full production below.

Created and developed by Inside the Greenhouse, the musical production has been performed in schools throughout the US including New York City, Chicago and New Orleans.

Shine can be re-enacted across schools worldwide, and the play materials are available online at the Shine website. Rehearsing each part of the musical leads participants through different aspects of science, from dancing the various phases of photosynthesis, to drawing the ways in which their city utilises fossil fuels.

Inside the Greenhouse say: “The performance experience is a great match for active and creative youth motivated to engage both their intellect and their creativity in solving the defining challenge of our time: resilience in the face of climate change.”

Inside the Greenhouse are a collective of professors and students who are committed to creative framing and storytelling of issues surrounding climate change through video, theatre, dance, and writing, to connect a wider audience to the deep and pressing need to address climate change​.

Shine is currently on a worldwide tour, and has had performances at schools in London and Malope, South Africa.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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