All Fruits Ripe: Visual artist Louis Masai launches podcast exploring the environment

Visual artist Louis Masai is known for his beautiful murals that promote wildlife, the environment and highlight the impact of climate change. Now he has launched a new podcast series, entitled All Fruits Ripe, which explores issues affecting the environment.

Louis Masai, alongside Hylu from South London’s UNIT 137 recording studio, invite experts in their field for open discussions on environmental issues, packaged a selection of tracks.

The common thread is one of love for the natural environment and their concerns of climate change. Each podcast features four records – selected by the guest, Hylu and Masai – played in stereo format on a record player, powered by Unit 137 sound system, a hand built wooden system.

Episode 1, which is currently available on Mixcloud, features a discussion with artist and curator, Charlotte Webster. Charlotte Webster is the founder of Human Nature, a platform for environmental art, which connects artists with organisations and enables the creation of provocative environmental art in unusual places.

By day, Charlotte Webster is the Communications Manager for international climate change charity CDP. In this podcast of All Fruits Ripe, the trio talk about deforestation, how the Human Nature founder created the platform, and the importance of artists in the sustainable business sector.

Forthcoming podcasts will feature discussions with artists, musicians, poets, scientists, chefs, curators, environmentalists, and more.

All Fruits Ripe

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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