Ballet dancer Christine Ren takes to dancing underwater to convey ocean conservation message

San Francisco-based artist and documentary filmmaker Christine Ren is conveying the message of conserving the oceans in a way she knows best – through underwater ballet.

A series of photographs featuring the professional ballet dancer striking poses and dancing underwater aims to showcase how humans are perpetually taking the oceans for granted.

It has taken the artist seven years to make her first underwater photography series of “imagery ideas and dreamlike conceptions” with photographer, Brett Stanley.

Christine Ren, who also holds a Master’s degree in Marine Affairs and Policy says: “The underwater sets create a narrative bridge for viewers, bringing them into the heart and soul of the ocean realm.

“My work focuses on raising environmental awareness for issues facing our ocean, so staging the images underwater is a natural choice.”

As a professional dancer and science academic, Christine Ren adds: “I had both the access to witness and support to experiment with the power of bridging knowledge across genres of expertise.

“It was a natural idea at some point to think reflectively about what my own unique strengths were and how I might bridge my three main passions, dance, media and ocean science, into a cohesive body of work.

“Through using a human canvas in my work, I hope to convey at a fundamental level that ocean conservation is a human issue.”

Images: © Brett Stanley

Christine Ren

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea



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