Bubble & Squeak: Kids-run social enterprise tackling food waste in West London

A collective of children from West London are fighting food waste by selling surplus food in the school playground and to the local community.

Known as Bubble & Squeak, the food waste initiative is led by 400 children aged between 5 and 12-years-old from Old Oak Primary School & Old Oak Community Centre in East Acton.

With a focus on healthy eating, Bubble & Squeak aims to take edible surplus food such as fruit and vegetables from local businesses, markets and supermarkets and redistribute it to the local community on a “pay as you feel” basis.

After learning all about food waste in class at Old Oak Primary School and during their after school club at Old Oak Community Centre, the social enterprise, Bubble & Squeak,was born.

Run by the kids themselves with the help of two adult co-ordinators, Bubble & Squeak collect surplus food from shops, markets and supermarkets and redistribute it to local parents from Old Oak Primary School’s Playground.

The children cite The Real Junk Food Project as an inspiration. The Real junk Food Project operates a network of “pay as you feel” cafes across the UK.

Bubble & Squeak’s team of young entrepreneurs hope their scheme will encourage their local community to be more conscious of the food they throw away.

With the initiative being recognised and applauded way beyond it’s West London base, Bubble & Squeak’s food waste message is likely to have a far wider reach.

Bubble & Squeak

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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