Hero Twins: Comic explores the Navajo creation story

Native American characters in comic books and graphic novels are coming to the forefront thanks to the emergence of illustrators like Dale Deforest and specialist Native publisher, Native Realities Press.

One of the most talked about comics of 2017 was Dale Deforest’s Hero Twins, a comic book loosely based on the Navajo creation story. Plucked from the Diné Creation Story, the Hero Twins follows two warriors of the same name throughout their journey to rid the Spirit World of evil spirits.

The Hero Twins story begins in 1860 as a calvary unit is sent to investigate a threat. While a winter storm rages around the unit, a mysterious  officer makes a world-changing discovery. Meanwhile, banished from the spirit realm, Changing Woman must find a way to protect her newborn children so they may fulfill their destiny and bring light to the world.

Both written and illustrated by Dale Deforest (Navajo), the graphic designer and illustrator used Kickstarter to publish his first Hero Twins book last year. The comic book was a sell out and fortunately it made it into the hands of Native Realities founder, Lee Francis.

Native Realities Press – which focuses on Native writers, artists, and game designers, and is the business behind the Indigenous Comic Con – published Dale Deforest’s Hero Twins on its imprint in October. A different version to Dale Deforest’s Kickstarter project, the publication by Native Realities is enabling the artist’s comic to be picked up by a wider audience.

Dale Deforest is currently working on a second instalment of Hero Twins.

Hero Twins is available to buy online from the Native Realities website 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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