NADA Grocery: Zero waste store taking steps to an “unpackaged future”

An “unpackaged future” is what NADA Grocery store is aiming for in its mission to change the way people shop for groceries.

The package-free grocery store, which operates at in-store pop-ups and farmers’ markets in and around Vancouver, have their customers use cloth bags, plastic containers, and other types of storage to purchase food by weight. This approach eliminates unnecessary packaging and ensures that customers purchase only what they need.

NADA, which plans to open their first permanent location in Vancouver, B.C in the coming months, works with local food providers to ensure responsibly sourced produce for its customers.

NADA was founded by marine biologist and self-proclaimed “zero waste nerd”, Brianne Miller, who witnessed first hand the’s world’s problem with plastic in the oceans, the majority of which is waste associated with food packaging. The insight and experience led Brianne Miller to set up NADA in 2013.

Brianne Miller says: “We [NADA] don’t want more items thrown away and we don’t want our food source to be part of the problem. We deliver the next step to a healthier food system with a holistic approach behind every decision that we make, from sourcing veggies from urban farms to making sure that surplus food ends up in the hands of those who need it most.

“We think about the food supply chain as a whole and develop long-lasting relationships with our suppliers to tackle these issues not only in our own store, but in their businesses too!”

NADA Grocery

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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