Street Heroines: Documentary celebrates female street artists

Street Heroines is a documentary film that puts the spotlight on female street artists working in an artistic field which has otherwise been known as a “boy’s club”.

Chronicling the “courage and creativity of female graffiti and street artists from around the world”, Street Heroines features interviews with trailblazers such as graffiti pioneer Lady Pink and photographer Martha Cooper.

Over a period of almost four years, filmmaker Alexandra Henry interviewed more than 30 female graffiti and street artists, from more than 10 countries, whose work offers solutions to issues such as gender disparity, sexual harassment and human rights violations.

Alexandra Henry said: “From Lady Pink, the first woman to paint entire subway train cars in the 1980s, to seminal photographer Martha Cooper whose work legitimized graffiti as an art form, the artists featured in Street Heroines are changing our relationship to the urban environment and the way we interact within the public space.

“With this project, I’ve had the opportunity to interview women with diverse backgrounds, gaining insight through intimate conversations on how their efforts are paving the way for other women to pursue creative dreams.

“The powerful storytelling of Street Heroines highlights an untapped source of cultural and artistic influence. With so much to say about female identity and perspective, this multigenerational documentary aims to empower more women to explore their artistic tendencies and continue to generate social change.”

Street Heroines

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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