Mamukko: Eco-friendly bags made from sailcloth by 4th generation leather craftsmen

Salvaged sailcloth is getting the upcycled treatment and turned into luxury bags thanks to fourth-generation designers and leather craftsmen, Mamukko.

Founded by Hungarian brothers Attila and Levente Magyar, the family-run business, Mamukko, produces handmade bags and accessories entirely from rescued materials at their Ireland-based studio in Kinsale, Cork.

Some of the materials that the brothers use in the making of their unique, one-off and limited edition bags include unique and original sails, life rafts, leather, and other textiles. The eco-friendly sailing, fashion and lifestyle bags pays respect to the traditional leather craftsmanship and skills inherited from their parents.

In 2014 the brand created a collection from life-raft material salvaged from the Astrid, a tall-ship that ran aground not far from where the Mamukko studio is based in the harbour town of Kinsale.

Sustainability is at the very heart of Mamukko, as Attila and Levente Magyar explain: “Working with upcycled materials is important to our ethos of sustainable and eco-conscious product development.

“Mamukko is all about upcycling, creativity and passion! Mamukko is uniqueness, funkshionality and consciousness! As 4th generation designers and makers we not only wanted to make a difference but also create positive change. In a world of mass produced disposable fashion we make something more meaningful and designed to last. Actions always speak louder than words. We’re in the business of doing good.”

With the skills that they have learned from their parents rooted and inherited from Transylvanian-Saxon leather masters, the brothers are keen to pass on the skills to their children too.

The brothers maybe “limited” by the fabrics they source, but it enables them to be more creative. Attila and Levente Magyar say: “This is why we make one-offs and limited edition series. We could repeat some of the designs (depending on the quantity of certain sails or fabrics we have) but we enjoy and prefer reinventing ourselves and constantly coming up with new innovative ideas and products.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea



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