himmelbeet: A community garden in the heart of Berlin

himmelbeet is an intercultural community garden in the heart of Berlin, bringing city dwellers as close to nature as possible in an urban environment.

Berlin has seen a rise in the number of community gardens in recent years. There’s now more than 100, but himmelbeet in the district of Wedding is often applauded for its charm, laidback lifestyle, community vibe and its resistance to gentrification, a process which has otherwise permeated districts across Germany’s capital. In fact, himmelbeet sits in front of a tall building plastered with graffiti that says: “Still not love gentrification!”.

himmelbeet aims to foster a sense of community, while showing visitors that healthy vegetables and fresh herbs can be grown right on the doorstep, without pesticides. In addition to the communal garden, private individuals and institutions have the opportunity to lease beds for one season.

With Wedding being a diverse area of Berlin, people of different cultures and age groups gather together at himmelbeet to garden, build, cook or bake bread in the stone oven. The “low waste” garden café – made from sustainable materials including wood pallets, mud and clay – serves vegetarian food, local beers and herbal teas directly picked from the garden.

The team at himmelbeet are also involved in the conception, planning and construction of social urban gardens in schools. Monthly events include a bike repair workshop.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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