Soulbottles: Putting the soul back into water bottles with 100% plastic-free reusables

Soulbottles are aiming to put the “soul” back into water bottles with glass-made drinking bottles that are fairly produced and 100% free of plastic.

Born out of a desire to make people more aware of how the use of plastic articles pollutes the planet, Soulbottles are strong, environmentally friendly and reusable bottles.

The functional glass bottles feature contemporary designs from artists around the world. The artists’ motifs aim to spread the message about respecting the water element and taking action to stop contributing to plastic pollution.

Every year 35 billion plastic bottles end up in the oceans and dumping grounds. Only 1 in 10 plastic bottles in the world are recycled. Glass, on the other hand, can be wholly recycled and when recycled, no poisonous substances are released into the soil, the rivers or our bodies.

Soulbottles were once a gherkin jar or a whisky bottle in its previous incarnation. Each bottle sports a funky, easy-to-use swing-top cap made of ceramic, stainless steel and natural rubber.

The Berlin-based business is the brainchild of Georg Tarne and Paul Kupfer. The two friends set up Soulbottles in 2012 with the aim to “make drinking tap water sexy” by creating a beautiful refillable glass bottle for restaurants as well as for on-the-go and so reduce the amount of plastic.

One Euro for each bottle sold is donated to drinking water projects.

Soulbottles are available online from Amazon


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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