Para Kore: Maori youth releases zero waste theme song

Looking after Mother Earth is second nature to indigenous communities, just like breathing. In his quest to encourage young people to change their behaviour towards rubbish and the environment, 20-year-old Maori, Tunoa Puna Teraitua has penned a song about zero waste.

The New Zealand native, who released the song Para Kore (Zero Waste) in December, was inspired to pen the song as a way of making “recycling seem sexy or cool”.

Tunoa Puna Teraitua and his family have been on a zero waste mission themselves in the last few years, taking considerable steps to minimise waste at their home in Māngere.

Through recycling and composting, the Teraitua family have gone from filling 11 rubbish bags a week to just one bag, which consists mainly of things they can’t otherwise dispose of.

Tunoa Puna Teraitua and his family now run workshops on zero waste at Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae to help local communities minimise their waste.

In an interview with Stuff Newspaper, Tunoa Puna Teraitua said: “Getting our whanau (community) to use reusable bags instead of plastic is hard when they just want something quick and easy . . . they don’t think about where it goes after.

“You have to have a good attitude about it and think about what you’re doing to help. I’m trying to save mother earth and our fish and oceans.”

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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