One Cool Earth: Schools’ zero waste programme empowers kids to take action

Kids in schools across San Luis Obispo County, California are taking part in daily lunch-time waste sorting and care for on-site composting in an effort to encourage sustainable living.

The students now make the zero waste lifestyle a part of their daily routine by providing recycle and compost bins for waste disposal at mealtimes, monitoring these stations with student Green Teams, and promoting positive waste management practices, like refraining from single-use plastics.

The zero waste programme is part of the Earth Genius initiative by non-profit, One Cool Earth, to help students learn the value of environmental stewardship and divert an average of 58% of their total waste from the landfill.

One Cool Earth chose to target students since studies show that littering is most common among those under the age of 19.

Fifteen schools in San Luis Obispo County are currently taking part in One Cool Earth’s zero waste programme.

One Cool Earth hopes schools around the globe see the success of SLO County’s schools and feel inspired to take their own steps towards better waste management. To support the adoption of zero waste practices at schools everywhere, One Cool Earth has created a free guide, entitled DIY Guide to Zero Waste.

The guide includes easy-to-understand graphics and training videos so schools have everything they need to get their own compost and recycling systems up and running.

One Cool Earth

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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