Docteur Sneaker: Sneaker repairers breathing second life into sneakers

Sneaker lovers who do not want to part with their battered old favourites are doing the environment a service. And Docteur Sneaker are doing both the environment and sneaker-fans a service too by restoring, cleaning and customising sneakers, saving them from landfill and giving them a new lease of life.

The Toulouse-based, Doctor Sneaker, was founded by sneaker enthusiasts David Mensah and Mickael Ajavon who identified a gap in the market as far as sneakers and shoe repairs were concerned.

Sneakers have often been disregarded by shoe repairers who have dismissed them as “less than high quality shoes”, as David Mensah recalls: “Sneakers don’t interest shoe repairers: when I pointed out to mine that the glue was showing, he told me they were hardly high quality handmade shoes!”

David Mensah created the workshop Docteur Sneaker in an apartment and works by correspondence via social networks and the Docteur Sneaker website. Alongside his partner Mickael Ajavon and a designer who customizes shoes with patterns, Doctor Sneaker handle hundreds of pairs of sneakers a month.

The restoring process can cost anywhere between €15 euros for a complete clean and €60 for complex restoration or customisation work.

Images: © Docteur Sneaker

Docteur Sneaker

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea



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