Faunagraphic: Female street artist capturing the elegance and grace of birds

Birds have a particular resonance for street artist Faunagraphic. Her fauna of choice when it comes to painting epic murals, the Sheffield-based street artist, illustrator and designer has become known across the country for her colourful depictions of what she describes as “the smaller creatures which make a bigger difference to our existence than we think”.

Focusing predominantly on nature and environmental issues, Faunagraphic’s  graffiti journey began in 2006, at a time when she points out there were few female artists on the scene in the UK. Now she is one of a growing number of female street artists in the country.

Her artwork creations boast a mixture of nature, fantasy, surrealism and caricatures using animals, nature and female characters influenced by her childhood.

Nature has always been a focal point in the artwork of Sarah Yates, aka Faunagraphic. The colours, the patterns, the vibrancy, the diversity and the grandiosity of Faunagraphic’s pieces, which include a giant mural of a majestic peacock, have particular resonance for nature lovers.

Faunagraphic’s partner, Chris Butcher, is also a graffiti artist, who paints under the name Rocket01. The couple, who both share a love of nature, also teach spray painting to children in schools.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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