Seed swap at the Garden Museum’s Incredible Edible Seed Swap

Gardeners and urban gardeners both newbies and veterans alike should head down to London’s Garden Museum this Saturday for the Incredible Edible Seed Swap – an event where visitors can swap seeds, seedlings or small plants with other gardeners.

The Garden Museum is encouraging visitors to bring their own plants and packets of seeds to share. There will also be some some seeds to buy and free seeds to share courtesy of Franchi Seeds. A local seed saver will also be on hand to share tips on the best ways to save and store seeds.

Housed inside the ancient structure of St Mary’s-at-Lambeth, the Garden Museum now features a double gallery space, a café, an education centre, and gardens, having reopened last year following a £7.5million redevelopment project.

The Garden Museum contains historic gardening tools such as a tin of “Slug Death” powder, a glass cucumber straightener, landscape drawings, garden sheds, garden gnomes and watering cans.

Displays also include items from 16th century naturalist John Tradescant’s collections, new garden-inspired art from contemporary and historical artists, as well as stories behind famous gardens.

A mix of the weird and the wonderful, the Garden Museum situated in a former church with its stunning stained glass windows is hailed as Britain’s only museum of the art, history and design of gardens. There’s even a medieval tower, which upon an ascent of more than 100 uneven steps, boasts amazing views over the Thames including the London Eye, Palace of Westminster and the nearby Lambeth Palace.

Incredible Edible Seed Swap takes place at the Garden Museum on Saturday 27 January from 1pm-3pm

Garden Museum

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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