Tiny House UK: Tiny home housing solution gains momentum in the UK

Tiny houses are a popular housing solution in the US, Canada and Australia for those wanting to downsize, live off grid, live more sustainably and cost-effectively.

The tiny house movement is not as commonplace in the UK, largely due to challenges such as finding available land, and getting planning permission.

However, tiny house projects are starting to pop up in the UK as more people desire affordable living.

Tiny House UK is a Surrey-based business that builds compact, traditional housing alternatives.

Founded by Mark Burton, Tiny Houses UK build homes designed to be as close to traditional housing as possible, while offering multi-use devices to make best use of the space. They are also made sustainable, eco-friendly, and fully off-grid by using aspects like solar panels, and house batteries.

Image: © Tiny House UK

Tiny House UK

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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