Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Ceramic Coffee Dripper by Eunmi Kim

For alchemists, herbalists and coffee lovers alike, this Ceramic Coffee Dripper is a stunning and functional ceramic for the kitchen witch within.

The handmade coffee dripper is the creation of Korean ceramics designer, Eunmi Kim. The simple design is based on Korean pottery from the late Chosun dynasty, which influenced Japanese handmade pottery.

Eunmi Kim’s first influences came from her father, a landscape gardener, who revealed and explained the beauty of nature to her as a child growing up in the idyllic island of Jeju in South Korea. These early childhood experiences stayed with her and led her to devote herself to the study of ceramics in Korea.

The island’s unique volcanic landscape, which is marked with craters and caves of frozen lava tubes, is also evident in the textures of Eunmi Kim’s ceramics. Eunmi Kim also cites the forests and mountains she travelled in as a youth as an important influence in the pottery she creates.

Now based in London, all pottery made by Eunmi Kim is handcrafted in the city.

The Ceramic Coffee Dripper, which is also available in black, grey or blue, makes an ideal Valentine’s gift for your other half.

Eunmi Kim’s Ceramic Coffee Dripper is available to buy online from the Future Kept website 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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