Safia Minney: Changing the face of fashion for the greater good

Whether you are new to sustainable fashion or have been a conscious consumer for some time, People Tree is a label you have most likely come across.

Changemaker and sustainable fashion pioneer, Safia Minney, started the sustainable and fair trade label, People Tree, more than 25 years ago at a time when “sustainable fashion” labels were few and far between and fair trade practices non-existent.

As consumers have gained awareness of the effects of fashion on the environment and people over the years, People Tree have been right at the forefront in assisting with the transition to fair fashion on all accounts.

Safia Minney has turned a lifelong interest in environment, trade and social justice issues into an award-winning social business.

People Tree, based in both the UK and Japan, make their clothes from environmentally-friendly materials including fair trade certified organic cotton and natural dyes and use traditional handicraft skills whenever possible.

The label has collaborated with Zandra Rhodes, Orla Kiely and actress Emma Watson, among others.

Although Safia Minney stepped down from her role as CEO of People Tree in 2015, she continues to be a catalyst for change, writing books aimed at raising awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry and inspiring change. She is also the managing director of ethical shoe brand Po-Zu.

Safia Minney

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea



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