Leaning Into The Wind: Film explores sculptor Andy Goldsworthy at work in nature

Environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy has devoted himself to using natural resources to create site-specific sculpture and land art.

He wraps icicles around shrubs like ribbons, and leaves before they melt. He lies on the ground at the first hint of rain in order to leave a dry silhouette amidst the drops. Some of his projects disappear in seconds — he’s known to wrap flower petals around his hands so tight that they look like engorged flesh, and then dip his hands into a stream to watch the petals shed off and float away.

Leaning Into The Wind documents the British artist at work in natural surroundings and also celebrates his kinship with nature as the now 61 year-old climbs through hedgerows and trees.

From the mud floor of a remote Brazilian villager’s hut through to the Scottish forest near his home, the film documents Andy Goldsworthy’s quest to create art in harmony with nature.

Leaning Into The Wind

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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