W Dusk Group: Indigenous-owned company developing solar and wind energy projects

W Dusk Group is an indigenous-owned company actively developing solar and wind energy projects throughout Canada.

The project, which are both community-owned and community-operated, are designed to work in harmony with nature.

The Vancouver-based business offers renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydrokinetic, and most recently constructed a solar farm in Haida Gwaii, BC. The 100-kilowatt solar system on the Haida Heritage Centre is the largest community-owned project of its kind in Canada.

W Dusk Group say: “Our core passion and focus is assisting communities to become self-reliant through renewable energy empowerment with a systems based, community-driven approach.

​”We believe that the built environment and physical infrastructure should reflect the values, culture and natural beauty of community. All of our work aligns with an agreement to honour and respect Nature. It is all connected.”

W Dusk Group was founded by David Isaac, a Mi’kmaq originally from Listuguj. He explains that renewable energy has becomes increasingly popular among indigenous communities in Canada because it aligns with their cultural ideals.

David Isaac says: “Renewable energy re-establishes our relationship with the land in a more harmonic and a more fitting way that our ancestors would choose.”

W Dusk Group also provides training to young people in the community, teaching them about solar energy and giving them a chance to hook up sample solar panels.

W Dusk Group

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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