Solar Panels: A homeowner’s route to free energy and freedom from energy giants

Installing solar panels on the roofs of homes is enabling households to save money, to be independent of big energy corporations and to help preserve the environment.

Once the initial cost for installing solar panels on a roof has been paid, there are no further costs involved as from then on a household will be generating its own energy free of charge.

Solar panels require light, not heat, therefore work well in the UK climate, and they still produce energy in cloudy conditions. Solar PV cells turn light from the sun into DC electricity and then an inverter is used to convert this into AC electricity. The electricity is then fed into homes through a meter to power appliances.

The below video gives information on solar panel installations and how it works.

Solar panels can cost between £2,500 and £9,000 depending on their size and efficiency. Although there is a high initial cost to pay for the solar panels, there is a strong return on investment from solar panels.

Energy prices are likely to go up over time, and with more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of having their own solar panels, producing their own electricity and that their energy is then free of charge once they have installed a solar panel, dependency on the big energy giants is going to dramatically decline.

Currently the number of installations of solar panels is on the rise and the cost of solar panels is continuing to drop.

By installing solar panels, homeowners in the UK could earn up to £8,080 tax free over 20 years through the Government’s feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme.

The feed-in tariff pays a set rate for the electricity generated by a homeowner’s solar panels regardless of whether they use the energy to power their property. Any excess electricity is exported to the national grid, which an energy supplier will pay the homeowner for.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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