Marine biologist Douglas McCauley looks to technology to take on threats to oceans

Marine biologist Douglas McCauley is looking to technology for new ways to take on some of the ocean’s biggest challenges and threats such as overfishing and illegal fishing.

The Santa Barbara native and his colleagues at the Benioff Ocean Initiative (BOI) – a collaboration between marine biologists, tech innovators, and citizen scientists – have developed platforms such as Global Fishing Watch, an interactive global map that tracks fishing vessels via onboard automatic identification systems signals.

The service enables anyone to keep tabs on commercial fishing vessels across the world.

Douglas McCauley, a former fisherman based at the Port of Los Angeles, believes one of the best ways to strike a sustainable balance between various ocean interests is to keep marine science up to speed with cutting-edge technologies that can better inform policy.

Last year, Douglas McCauley featured in Motherboard’s Humans of the Year series highlighting the people who are making sure science and technology works for people and ultimately, the preservation of the planet.

Douglas McCauley

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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