Growing Well: Organic and sustainable farm helping those with mental health issues

Growing Well is an organic farm which primarily exists to provide opportunities to people who are recovering from mental health issues.

The importance of nature in supporting a person’s mental and physical wellbeing has long been acknowledged by people suffering from mental health as well as health care practitioners.

The Cumbria-based mental health charity and farm, which supports sustainable farming practices, enables volunteers to manage their mental health issues back in a workplace.

Volunteering with Growing Well reduces social isolation, enables the development of useful life skills and leads to feelings of increased hopefulness, improving both mental and physical health.

Growing Well say: “We [Growing Well] provide a safe supportive working environment to nurture mental health recovery. We work with people on a weekly basis, sometime over years, to help rebuild a sense of purpose, to engage in meaningful and fulfilling activity and to build hope for the future.

“When people leave us, they have learnt the skills to manage their mental health, reduce their reliance on health services, but know how to access help if they need it.”

The farm-based mental health charity has worked with over 400 individuals since its launch in 2004. The support that Growing Well provides to people with mental health issues is free. Growing Well relies entirely upon charitable donations to enable the charity to do their work.

Every year Growing Well grows over 15 tonnes of delicious organic fruit and vegetables, and these are available through a Vegetable Bag scheme, available to the local community and via local retail and wholesale partners.

If you would like to support the work that Growing Well does, you can donate via their website.

Growing Well

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