SproutFit: Adjustable baby clothing that grows with baby

SproutFit is offering a sustainable solution for mamas and papas when it comes to dressing their little ones.

The Idaho-based label has thoughtfully designed a collection of adjustable baby clothes, made with growth spurts in mind. The eco-friendly range – which includes bodysuits, leggings and bandanas – grows with baby and is made in the USA.

Instead of buying and replacing seven or more sizes in a baby’s first 24 months, SproutFit have managed to simplify this to just two sizes – 0-12m and 12-24m.

Sustainable in both design and fabric composition, Sprout Fit’s bodysuits and reversible leggings fit up to a year through growth spurts – which is four times longer than most baby clothing brands.

All of SproutFit’s products are made from a bamboo jersey knit blend, while the bibs are backed with a recycled polyester. The range is anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, and thermo-regulating – meaning cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

SproutFit’s eco-friendly collection of baby clothing also comes in a unique range of colours – including teal, stone, berry, navy, aqua, coral and black. The myriad of colours is a breath of fresh air for parents wanting to step away from the limited options of blue or pink baby clothes of the high street stores.

SproutFit is the brainchild of mother of one, Wendy Sokol. By the time her son was 12 months old, she had accumulated six 30-gallon totes of clothes which he had outgrown, or couldn’t even wear.

She explains: “When something finally fit him comfortably, a month later, he needed the next size. So, from frustration and mom guilt sprouted the idea for adjustable, eco-friendly childrenswear that grows with your baby.

“Sustainability is the most important part of our kids’ futures.”

SproutFit also has a  “Green Guarantee” to extend the life of their clothes, even through multiple children, by offering mending and repairs in exchange for a small fee including the cost of shipping.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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