Nature and natural materials take centre stage in James Brunt’s mandala artworks

Artist James Brunt is so inspired by nature that he creates stunning land art mandalas from exactly that.

Leaves, stones, shells, twigs, berries and acorns found in forests, parks, and beaches near his home in Yorkshire, England, are just some of the natural materials that James Brunt has used in his elaborate artworks.

James Brunt arranges his gifts from nature in mandala-like spirals and concentric circles. Once he has completed each piece of work, he photographs his creation to document it before nature once again takes hold of the materials.

The artist frequently shares updates via Twitter and Facebook where he sometimes invites the public to join him as he works.

Prints of James Brunt’s photographs are also available to buy via his website.

James Brunt also runs the arts organisation, Responsible Fishing UK. Responsible Fishing UK works with natural, recycled and up-cycled materials to create temporary artworks and engage with people through schools, festivals and community based arts projects.

James Brunt says: “From creating seemingly impossible stone balance sculpture, huge beach drawings to cardboard box den building and huge domino topples, Responsible Fishing UK passionately believe that everyone deserves to have creativity in their lives and that no one is to old to play!”

James Brunt

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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