Rizal Abdulhadi: Building bamboo instruments for a more creative world

Multi-instrumentalist and social activist Rizal Abdulhadi dedicates his music for real change towards a more creative Indonesia and the world. The West Java-native musician has even created his own instrument – a cross between a guitar, didgeridoo and percussion – from bamboo.

Rizal Abdulhadi created the instrument, known as “Rasendriya”, from bamboo combining guitar with didgeridoo and percussion. His lyrics, performed in both Indonesian and English speak of his travels, adventures, democracy and new opportunities.

Further exploring the use of bamboo for instruments, Rizal Abdulhadi’s latest project is his Bamboo Lapsteel Guitar and Strings instrument.

Bamboo is well known for being a sustainable material and can be used to make many things. But it’s not just bamboo that Rizal Abdulhadi has put his creative hands to, as he has also used waste materials to put together instruments.

Rizal Abdulhadi, who also holds workshops on how to make instruments, has been known to collect ‘junk’, recyclables and organic material to create sculptural music.

Rizal Abdulhadi

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea




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