AHLMA: Brazilian fashion label making fashion on trend via circular economy practices

Brazilian fashion brand Ahlma is truly making fashion “on trend” by bringing circular economy practices into its day-to-day runnings from its designs, materials used through to its clothes repair lab.

The Rio-based label, which also has a retail outlet in Leblon as well as an online store, sources over 80% of raw materials from leftover fabric sourced from textile companies. The other 20% is a mix of recycled fibres and a small portion of raw material such as cotton.

Ahlma more collective and conscious production model significantly reduce the need for virgin raw materials, but also enable materials in production plants to be put to good use instead of being discarded. This means lower input cost in the production of Ahlma’s clothes and extra revenue for suppliers.

The fashion label was created to offer a solution to the otherwise highly wasteful fashion industry. Ahlma instead offers high quality, affordable and gender-neutral clothing lines.

Each purchase from Ahlma includes instructions to maintain and extend the life of clothes, available either on their website or printed inside the clothes.

Ahlma has also followed the likes of Swedish sustainable denim label, NUDIE Jeans, by offering a repair service at its in-store lab to extend the life of their clothes. The store also offers a cleaning service that uses non-toxic solvents.

Ahlma say: “Clothing, if not art, is legitimate desire. Consumption, however, today sickens nature and takes the planet to its ultimate consequences. Exhaustion of resources, illegal work schemes, poor waste management. In the list of top leaders, the textile industry is among the top places – and warns: It’s time to change.

“Through the self-knowledge and sensitive cultivation of a community of partners, producers and suppliers, we seek more fertile solutions to all that we want to transform.

“Together, we share processes, dreams and commitments, and the common purpose of developing a value chain and product as open and accountable as possible.

“We [Ahlma] were born to question, but we know that we do not have all the answers. It’s okay, after all, this is just the beginning and we are not alone. Consciousness is our guiding thread, and love for what we do, our best energy.”

Ahlma was founded last year by André Carvalhal, who after a successful career in fashion, turned his back on the industry wanting nothing more to do with the excess industry of which he was a part.

André Carvalhal said: “Our main concern is to minimize the impact on nature. And the human being too.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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