hiSbe: Supermarket rebels aiming to reinvent a “new kind” of supermarket

Ethical supermarket hiSbe, otherwise known as “How It Should Be”, is certainly doing the right thing for all.

The Brighton-based supermarket, which operates as a social enterprise,  focuses on providing local produce to the community through fair, responsible and sustainable trading practices.

Offering a wide range of organic and locally sourced goods from meats, dairy, breads, fruits and vegetables to “planet-friendly” toiletries and a coffee bar featuring fairtrade coffee, hiSbe prides itself on reducing waste, protecting nature and providing seasonal produce.

The company, whose mantra is “happiness before profits”, pays fair prices to suppliers and above living wage to employees.

hiSbe was set up by sisters Ruth and Amy Amslow alongside their friend Jack Simmonds, after years of feeling discontent with the way big supermarkets conduct business.

Inspired by ethical consumerism and the fair trade movement, the trio envisioned a new way of supplying food that prioritised the health, happiness, and wellbeing of people and their local communities.

The hiSbe founders, who refer to themselves and their business as the “supermarket rebels”, said: “We make a positive contribution to the local food system and the local economy. We’re all about making good food more accessible and affordable. We champion a fair and sustainable food industry, and we put customers, suppliers, and staff first.

“Essentially, this means we have three bottoms. Known as the triple bottom line in business circles, our way of doing business encompasses people, planet, and profit. We buck regular supermarket convention by putting our money into our purpose – not into our pockets.

“Our vision is to smash Britain’s out of date supermarket business model and reinvent a new kind. An independent chain of supermarkets powered by people, community spirit, and social enterprise.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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