What large businesses need to learn from conscious consumers and businesses

Making environmentally friendly choices as a consumer has become that much easier now with a growing number of businesses providing products that support the lifestyle choices of those wanting to assist in the preservation of the planet.

From clothes, kids toys, nappies and baby products, cookware, electronics, ethical banks, crafts, stationery, pet products to food – consumers are seeking honest companies who “walk their talk”.

It’s no surprise that it is the small, independent businesses that are championing the “green” cause and the shift towards a more conscious consumer dynamic – one in which the relationship between customer and business and business and planet is built upon respect.

With the growing awareness of the damage that plastic is doing to the planet, such plight has brought attention to a huge number of consumers the need to take action in their lives to change this.

The desire for brands is declining, whereas the desire for products that are sustainable, good value and of good quality is becoming the determining factor for a large number of people across the generations, especially the younger generation, in their choices.

Large businesses are continuing to spend millions on research to “understand” what they have labelled the “millennials”, in other words the younger generation. The younger generation are considered the most important market to such businesses yet they are so far removed from this generation.

The younger generation have a strong entrepreneurial energy and many are starting their own businesses selling “non branded” goods to their peers that speak volumes as far as affordability, environmental impact and quality goes.

Brand loyalty does not exist in the eyes of the younger generation, but a commitment to making mindful choices that impacts their lives and the environment certainly does.

Until large businesses make their products more mindful of the environment and affordable rather than about quantity, profit and compromised quality, with little or no regard for the environment, they risk having no place in this planet’s future.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea




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