Sustainable Stays: Sardinna Antiga, Sardinia, Italy

If sun, sea and nature is your calling, coupled with a stay in a restored old home, then Sardinia’s bio sustainable village, Sardinna Antiga, may satisfy your “green” desires for your next vacation.

Located in the village of Santa Lucia, a small fishing village overlooking the sea around Sardinia, Sardinna Antiga has beautifully restored some of Sardinia’s traditional homes or ancient nuragic huts in an environmentally friendly manner.

Housed on the grounds of an ancient village, which was abandoned for over 50 years, Sardinna Antiga have recovered the huts in line with its former glory.

The dwellings have been built with all natural materials. Wood features heavily throughout the bio sustainable village, where sink basins have even been carved from wood. Since there are no sewers, a wetland has been constructed instead to avoid pollution.

Surrounded by unspoilt nature and close to the sea, the environment at Sardinna Antiga has been left mostly intact. Within seven hectares of Mediterranean land sits an organic vineyard, an olive grove, an organic vegetable garden, and a pond. The bio sustainable village is also home to over 4000 trees, which have been planted.

In respect of nature and guests’ own inner peace and harmony, Sardinna Antiga has limited the use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops to maintain a peaceful environment.

Everything at Sardinna Antiga is connected to nature, the land and its people. Supporting local artisans and businesses, the linen is handcrafted by skilled local weavers of Mogoro, earthenware provided by local craftsmen, and organic body products supplied by Sardinian Herb Sardinia.

An ideal spot to savour the Sardinian countryside, unspoilt beaches and sand dunes, Sardinna Antiga offers a simple Sardinian experience of centuries gone by, in the here and now.

Sardinna Antiga

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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