Henri Peter’s Native American Art explores passion and sensuality

Artist Henri Peter’s Native American art speaks volumes. Although colour blind, the artist has a way with colour on canvas that is flawless, impeccable and natural.

The Peru-based artist has made his trademark in the powerful sensuality of his subjects, and the bold colours he paints them with.

A self-taught artist, Henri Peter’s vibrant artworks span human thought and feeling – from the quietly content of Satisfaction to the protective nature of Still Lovers – seeming almost alive in its intensity.

While passion and sensuality are dominant features throughout his art, Henri Peter still finds space on canvas for that which allows his creativity and imagination to flow abundantly – nature. Fittingly the artist lives with his family on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Mancora, a little surfer town in Peru, where his studio is surrounded by nature.

Mariposa, which features wonders of the nature world including leaves, butterflies and one of Mother Earth’s children, sees Henri Peter tone down or mute the colours to reflect a change in season.

Images: © Henri Peter

Henri Peter

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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