#WildflowersForLondoners campaign to sow nine million wildflowers in the city

London National Park City is calling on Londoners to plant nine million wildflowers in the city, in an effort to transform the urban landscape into a beautiful city of colourful wildflowers, returning every year.

The campaign, #WildflowersForLondoners, aims to get London dwellers to help turn London into a greener landscape.

By purchasing #WildflowersForLondoners, people will get seed balls containing a mix of several wildflower species, carefully selected for their ability to thrive in tough, urban areas.

Seed balls are easy to use even for the most novice gardener. The seed balls are coated in clay to protect the seeds as they establish, while fiery chilli powder deters predators. All that is required is to plant the seed ball on the soil, water them and watch them grow. They can be sown in random plant pots, window boxes, soil found around the base of trees in pavements, or even in grass.

London National Park City say: “This is the perfect time to start sowing your seed balls, you just need to find the perfect spot to do it. #WildflowersForLondoners seed balls are to be used to bring colour, beauty and wildlife our environment. That is the streets, balconies, gardens, schools, workplaces, community centres and other shared spaces that make up London.

“By backing our campaign, you are helping us to show Londoners how easy it is to #getgrowing in our own neighbourhoods and how, through small actions, over time we can transform our urban landscape into a beautiful city of colourful wildflowers returning every year.”

For every seed ball purchased, Seedball will donate one seed ball to London National Park City SeedBank For Schools. The seed balls will be distributed free of charge to London schools in early spring 2019, ready for the London National Park City’s launch in summer 2019.

#WildflowersForLondoners seed balls can be purchased here.

London National Park City

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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