DoneGood App and Chrome Extension helping consumers to find green alternatives

DoneGood is an app and a Chrome extension that makes it that much easier to find brands that offer consumers green and ethical choices.

DoneGood helps users to find ethical and sustainable places to shop online. Businesses who work with DoneGood also offer people discounts too.

The free app, available for Android, iPhone and iPad, and allows users to customise the app so that it searches for companies with values that reflect their own – Green, Recycled/Upcycled, Women/Minority Owned, Locally Sourced and Shop Local are just some of the categories to choose from.

When you shop on Amazon or Google, or go to big-name brand websites, the DoneGood Chrome Extension allows you to compare DoneGood-approved alternatives that have what you’re looking for.

DoneGood partners with more than 250 companies whose business models have a demonstrated social or environmental impact such as certified B Corps, fair trade certified and GOTS certified organic. It also looks for companies that make high-quality products built to last in order to combat waste.

Cullen Schwarz and Scott Jacobsen, DoneGood’s cofounders, developed DoneGood as part of Harvard Innovation Labs’ Venture Incubation Program.

While in development, the partners began talking to social enterprises and soon discovered consumers had a hard time finding them as such small and mid-size business don’t have the marketing budgets of the global corporate brands and often get buried in searches by big-box stores.

DoneGood’s co-founders are aware that by supporting businesses that are “doing good” for the environment, the more businesses like it that come into existence, it will knock the “big businesses” to take note and make changes themselves.

Cullen Schwarz and Scott Jacobsen say: “We’re returning to our roots, looking for unique pieces and products made by real people, choosing craftsmanship over mass-production, all-natural over genetically-modified, mission-aligned over profit-driven.

“People are starting more companies like this every day. These are the underdogs, going up against the big guys, determined to prove you can build a successful business that makes the world better at the same time. We want them to succeed. The world needs them to succeed!

“That’s why we do what we do. To help people looking for the unique, the simple, the natural, the good. And to support people who took a risk on starting a company committed to doing the right thing.

“The more we can help these companies succeed, the more of them there will be. Eventually, the big guys will take notice, and they’ll begin to change too. The economy, and the world, will see a revolution in this century as dramatic as the one in the last.”

DoneGood’s website also helps people find ethical and sustainable alternatives to products typically purchased from corporate giants.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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