Percol’s most sustainable pop-up coffee shop

Coffee company Percol is opening a sustainable pop-up coffee shop to showcase all the ways people can make their caffeine habit more sustainable.

The pop-up coffee shop, which will open in London’s Old Street Station in April, will raise awareness of how consumers can make small changes to their daily coffee routine to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Coffee will be ethically sourced and served in reusable cups and made with renewable energy.

The pop-up shop, which will open to tie in with UK Coffee Week, is entirely single-use-plastic-free, and will operate a cashless system and receipts sent electronically.

The coffee grounds used during the pop-up will be upcycled. An example of how the used coffee grounds can be used will be seen in some of the shop’s furniture, which has also been made using recycled plastic.

There are 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups thrown away every year in the UK alone and Percol has pledged to make a difference.

Customers will be able to buy reusable cups on site and will receive free coffee for the duration of the pop-up if they do.

Milk will be sourced in recyclable pouches and bottles and dairy alternatives supplied in recyclable packaging and there will be no disposable straws, stirrers or cups.

Prices at the pop-up will reflect how sustainable each cup of coffee is. For example, an espresso has the smallest carbon footprint and will be the cheapest coffee on the menu. By contrast, a large latte with cow’s milk has the largest carbon footprint and will therefore be the most expensive.

The pop-up coffee shop, which will open from 18-20 April, will also host a coffee tree made of recyclable plastics, where consumers are encouraged to pin leaves on the branches to make a pledge on how they will be more sustainable in their daily routines. Over the course of the pop-up, Percol hope the tree will “grow” with sustainable pledges from the public.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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