Petit Miracles: Upcycling workshops creating bespoke furniture and opportunities

Petit Miracles is training unemployed people in traditional craft and restoration through the creation of upcycled furniture from hand-picked salvaged, antique and vintage pieces.

The West London-based social enterprise teaches furniture restoration, interior design and basic DIY, to those needing help to get back into work.

As well as providing workshops on how to upcycle and entrepreneurship, Petit Miracles also sells upcycled furniture at its retail outlet in the West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush and its online store.

Elisicia Moore founded Petit Miracles in 2008 to provide back to work design training to the long-term unemployed, the homeless and vulnerable. The idea is to teach these individuals design, DIY and upcycling techniques to help them create their own jobs and turn their lives around.

Founder Eliscia Moore says: “We [Petit Miracles] are passionate about utilising peoples’ creativity and skills to create beautiful, yet affordable pieces for the home.

“We do this whilst helping vulnerable people to change their material circumstances, increasing their employability, learning traditional skills and boosting their self-esteem.

“Our workshop and retail space provides a community, where participants feel welcome and valued.”

Petit Miracles

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea





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