The Big Dig: Bringing people together in community gardens ready for the new growing season

The Big Dig, an annual event aimed at getting people to volunteer in their local community garden to get ready for the new growing season, takes place on 21 April.

Events will be taking place across London and Durham this year, with the aim of promoting edible gardens and encouraging people to volunteer,

Participants can check out the city maps on The Big Dig website to find a participating garden nearby.

The Big Dig is a nationwide project which aims to get more people involved in community food-growing, and is an opportunity for locals to meet new people, get some fresh air, and learn about food.

Last year, around 50 gardens took part in London’s Big Dig Day, giving more than 600 people across the capital a taste of how growing food can get people out, get them healthy and connect them to nature and their neighbours.

Since 2008, over 2,800 community food gardens have benefited from the support of London Food Link’s Capital Growth network, organisers of the Big Dig.

The Capital Growth campaign, run by Sustain’s London Food Link offers practical and financial support to communities around London to help more people grow more food, and to have greater access to land and growing spaces for community benefit.

Many of the community food gardens in London are run entirely by volunteers, and the majority rely on local people donating their time and effort to keep them flourishing.

To find out more about volunteering for The Big Dig, click here.

The Big Dig

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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