Introducing…Native artist Maxida Märak on Sweden and creating “Sami dancefloor”

Hip hop artist and activist, Maxida Märak, fuses musical and cultural elements from her indigenous Swedish heritage into urban anthems.

Hard rap and heavy electronic beats mix with ‘jojk’, the traditional Sami way of singing, to create what Maxida Märak describes as “Sami dancefloor”.

Maxida Märak grew up and lives in Jokkmokk, Sweden, in an extended family of reindeer herders, but also spends a lot of time in Stockholm.

The singer and actress has brought the best of two different worlds and makes music that touches and challenges exploitative regimes and systems.

Maxida Märak’s lyrics are straightforward and honest, often political, about the struggle to maintain the traditional way of life, injustices and the struggle for equality.

She writes about her own story, based on her experience of society and hopes that through this can evoke thoughts and understanding for her and the Sami people.

Through her music and activism, Maxida Märak has done much to expose the injustices and struggles of Sweden’s indigenous population.

Her activism has been such an inspiration that it informed the hit Nordic Noir crime series, Midnight Sun, which she also starred in. The series, which aired on TV channels worldwide, brought to the world’s attention the issues facing Sweden’s indigenous population, the Sami people.

Speaking about the series, Maxida Märak says: “Evelina is based on me, Maxida Märak. The rebel group in the show is based on my own rebel group. They copied all of the real things I have done, and put it in the show. That’s powerful … I must have done something right.”

Maxida Märak

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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