Repowering London: People-powered renewable energy building self-sufficient communities

Repowering London, a not-for-profit cooperative, supports communities to deliver, own and manage renewable energy projects that provide benefits to themselves and those around them.

By facilitating the co-production of community-owned renewable energy projects, Repowering London is helping to tackle fuel poverty in the capital.

Started in 2011 by a group of volunteers in South London, Repowering London empowers communities to engage with energy. Working in partnership with local authorities and community groups, it delivers local solutions to local energy problems with solar PV arrays on estates in inner-city areas like Hackney and Brixton.

To date, Repowering London has installed 132kWp of community owned renewable energy, saving almost 60 tonnes CO2 per annum.

Repowering London is a shining example of how community-owned renewable energy projects work, and is an inspiration to everyone anywhere in the world who wants to create their own community-owned renewable energy intitative.

Agamemnon Otero, CEO of Repowering London, says: “Success would look like whole communities in urban areas being resilient and empowered financially, environmentally and socially. Those people we have been working with thus far are testament to that.

“Having the ability to react to serious problems around, climate around, flooding around, debt management and being able to respond because they can deliver those things – that’s resilience.”

Repowering London

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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