World’s first eco-friendly six-pack ring, ESPR, to be trialled by craft brewers

Images of marine life entangled in plastic six-pack rings have brought to light the detrimental effects of plastic on the oceans and its indigenous lifeforms. Now a startup has created the first eco-friendly six pack ring, E6PR (Eco Six-Pack Ring), made from by-product waste and other compostable materials, designed to replace the plastic rings.

The E6PR is made from wheat and barley, which enables it to be composted. When disposed of properly, the E6PR finds its way to a compostable facility, where it will degrade in days.

If left out in open land or a water system, E6PR will degrade in a matter of weeks. Given that E6PR is made from compostable organic materials, if it does come into contact with wildlife, it does not cause harm in case of ingestion.

If widely adopted, this groundbreaking product could result in a significant decrease in both plastic pollution and wildlife injuries or deaths related to ingestion of or entrapment in six-pack rings.

A South Florida based craft brewers, Saltwater Brewery, is the first to test the biodegradable six-pack rings. If successful, E6PR are hoping to roll out the eco-friendly packaging to other breweries too. 


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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