Julian Lennon’s children’s books about the environment to be reimagined on screen

Children’s book author Julian Lennon is to produce an animated television series based on his series Touch the Earth and its recently released sequel, Heal the Earth.

The adventure preschool series invites readers to board the magical White Feather airplane and aid in the preservation of the planet’s oceans and water supplies, with themes of environmentalism and social issues running through its episodes.

The animated episodes will seek to engage children in a fun, organic and compelling way.

Julian Lennon and his children’s book collaborator Bart Davis have signed on as executive producers of the television series, which will be made by Gaumont.

Julian Lennon’s debut picture book, Touch the Earth, the first in a planned trilogy, asks readers to hop aboard a magical airplane, the White Feather Flier. The White Feather Flier is a name inspired by his father and musician, John Lennon, and his own environmental and humanitarian foundation.

Touch the Earth calls on readers to go on a “helping adventure” to protect the planet’s oceans and water supply. Readers are asked to tilt the book as if operating the plane’s steering wheel (“Point the book south to swoop down low for a closer look”), and most spreads include a “button,” a silvery circle, intended to help readers pretend they’re part of the action (“Push the water button to help irrigate the desert”).

In the second instalment, Heal the Earth, which was released this month, author Julian Lennon invites young readers to fly on further missions of mercy to the troubled planet and its residents.

They visit in succession a town whose residents lack medical services, a bleached coral reef, an urban neighbourhood, and a clear-cut rainforest.

At every stop, further taps on a button image bring instant relief: The Flier becomes a mobile hospital; “zooks” (zooxanthellae, depicted as tiny green cells with smiley faces) return to give the reef color and life; the city gets a new green space; and the devastated forest’s flora and fauna are restored to lush life.

Both books, which are suitable for ages 3 to 6, speaks to kids in their language and encourages children to be guardians of their planet.

Julian Lennon long been interested in environmentalism, founding The White Feather Foundation in 2007 and producing the documentary Whaledreamers. 

The White Feather Foundation aims to conserve life around the world – giving clean water, education and health, as well as protecting the environment and indigenous cultures.

Julian Lennon’s Touch the Earth and Heal the Earth books are available online from Amazon and all good bookstores 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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