Ayo: A Rain Tale game sheds light on young girl’s tough clean water fetching duty

Ayo: A Rain Tale is a game that examines the issue of drinkable water transport by children under extreme conditions.

The game, which is available for PC and mobile, sheds light on a young girl in Sub-Saharan Africa who regularly carries her tough water-fetching duty through harsh desert conditions with courage.

Ayo’s perilous struggle is shared by many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa who live in communities that have no access to clean water.

The daily burden of fetching water is carried by women and children – who go on journeys to distant sources and return home shouldering 40-pound containers filled with water for their families.

With no time left for education, many women are denied the opportunity to develop themselves and their communities. An estimated 200 million hours are spent each day on water-fetching around the world, leaving both girls and women with little opportunity to break this cycle.

Ayo: A Rain Tale is both educational and entertaining. It too is a colourful and enlightening game which takes players on a journey through Sub-Saharan Africa to help Ayo fetch water for her family.

Players must ensure Ayo overcomes challenges and enemies as  she explores Sub-Saharan Africa – gaining skills, wisdom, and courage along the way.

The game was developed by Beirut-based design consultancy, Inkline.  Inkline Games devotes its time and resources to shed light on vital topics through symbolic and interactive gameplay.

Ayo: A Rain Tale is Inkline’s first gaming title where the game design and development process was and driven by its vision of raising human awareness about Ayo and her harsh situation.

Ayo: A Rain Tale is available to purchase on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. It is suitable for children aged 9 and above, and adults

Ayo: A Rain Tale

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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