Embracing nature for National Gardening Week

Today kickstarts National Gardening Week in the UK. Whether you are a novice or veteran green fingered-one, National Gardening Week is a great time to get involved in the garden.

There are plenty of things you can do yourself or with your family to get into the spirit of National Gardening Week, from growing tomatoes on your windowsill to sprucing up your driveway.

Events and activities are also taking place throughout the UK including beginners’ workshops, guided walks, face painting and garden parties.

The National Gardening Week website is also a great resource for anyone anywhere in the world looking for garden inspiration. There’s information on putting in a pond, finding an allotment, planting a green roof, and planting herbs in containers.

National Gardening Week

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

2 thoughts on “Embracing nature for National Gardening Week

  1. Has there ever been a colder National Gardening Week? I bought lot of plants at our garden centre, on that sunny day we had, then it rained non stop. Yesterday I put on all my winter gardening layers and got them planted and a bit of tidying up done, now we need sun to get eveything growing.


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