Luke’s Toy Factory: Eco-friendly kids toys made with reclaimed sawdust

Reclaimed sawdust has found new life as eco-friendly kids toys thanks to Luke’s Toy Factory.

Luke’s Toy Factory have taken out 30% of the plastic, usually found in kids toys, and replaced it with organic materials such as sawdust. The sawdust, which is locally sourced in the US from furniture mills and window factories, is then combined with safe, certified clean plastic pellets to make Luke’s Toy Factory’s range of toy trucks.

Among the truck models sold by Luke’s Toy Factory are a fire truck, dump truck, cargo truck and tipper truck. The models can be mixed and matched with parts from each other, and are comparable to a three-dimensional puzzle.

Each toy truck is unique in that the colours will vary slightly due to the presence of the organic material, sawdust. While the wood fibres in the plastic are visible, the feel of the toy is silky smooth. The colours of the toy trucks are molded in rather than painted on, and no paint nor glue is used in the design process.

Suitable for ages 3 and over, the toys are designed for small hands, helping children use their developing motor skills without getting frustrated.

Luke’s Toy Factory offers a safe, eco-friendly alternative to the mass-produced, heavily plastic-laden kids toys made further afield, for anyone in the US wanting locally-made products and that are kind on the environment too.

Luke’s Toy Factory

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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