The Modern Caravan: Renovating Airstreams enabling the pursuit of one couple’s dream to travel

The Modern Caravan-ers Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse have created a business of renovating old Airstream vehicles into chic tiny homes, while enabling them to pursue and fulfil their dreams.

The couple decided to turn their back on “society’s norms and conventions” in 2014, leaving their jobs and their house and moving into a renovated airstream with their daughter. The following year they became full-time travellers, travelling from South Dakota to Alaska, Montana to California.

With an eye for style and the knowledge-base to be self-sufficient, the couple began to renovate and design Airstreams for clients and last year, set up their own business, The Modern Caravan.

For the renovation works, the couple design everything themselves.

While renovating Airstreams for clients has become a lucrative business for the couple, what The Modern Caravan demonstrates is how when people make a choice based on their heart and soul’s desire – whether it’s their livelihood or choosing what to eat – it enables them to have and live the life that they truly desire in all its entirety.

After five years of renovations, Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse will go back on the road again next year. The work that they do for The Modern Caravan has enabled them to pursue their other dream – travel.

“We are returning to the road in 2019 with our Hawk to reset and focus on ourselves, our marriage and family, and interests outside of renovation,” the couple say. “There’s more to what we do and who we are than just the vessel, and we are so ready to explore everything life has to offer. We’ve worked so hard and waited a long time for this.”

The Modern Caravan website also shares renovation tips and resources for anyone interested in tiny homes.

Images: © The Modern Caravan

The Modern Caravan

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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