Grounded Ecotherapy: Therapy through horticulture creating thriving green spaces in London

Grounded Ecotherapy is creating thriving green spaces in London from neglected urban environments, with horticultural work carried out by a group of volunteers who have experienced homelessness, addiction and mental health problems.

Part of Providence Row Housing Association – an organisation that helps those recovering from addiction or who have experienced homelessness – the project offers training and support while at the same time, improving public spaces.

Grounded Ecotherapy maintain and improve many sites in London but perhaps the best known is the garden on top of London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.

With the help of the Eden Project, Grounded Ecotherapy built the Southbank Roof Garden in 2011 and now has a contract for its maintenance.

The award-winning Roof Garden sits atop Queen Elizabeth Hall as an oasis in central London. A vibrant mix of perennials, wildflowers, herbs and vegetables are grown in raised beds and even on a nearby staircase.

The garden, which is now open for the summer season and free to visit, boasts views of the Thames and London’s iconic skyline.

Grounded Ecotherapy’s recently unveiled their most recent project – a fernery in a lightwell within Southbank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, which coincided with the opening of the building after a two-year refurbishment program.

Grounded Ecotherapy

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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