Build your own solar charger at Makerversity’s DIY Solar Panel Workshop

Take your DIY a step in the renewable direction, and learn to build your own solar panel from reclaimed materials.

Demand Energy Equality will be hosting a DIY Solar Panel Workshop on 2 June at Makerversity, where attendees will be guided through the making process, while exploring the energy challenges the world is currently facing, and what possible solutions might look like.

During the workshop, attendees will build their own solar panel from reclaimed materials, which can be used to charge a phone and USB devices; learn how to test it; and connect the charging components required to provide power on the go.

It will also be an opportunity to learn about energy and what it can do, as well as gain a hands-on understanding of the electrical basics: current, voltage, resistance, power, and series and parallel circuits.

The DIY Solar Panel Workshop is part of Makerversity’s Tools for Change series, which runs from 28 May to 3 June.

Makerversity is a community of maker businesses, including designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, technologists, inventors, craftsman, technicians and artists.

DIY Solar Panel Workshop will be held at Makerversity in London’s Somerset House. The one-day event costs £80.

Makerversity is offering Life & Soul Magazine readers 20% off the DIY Solar Panel Workshop. Use the promo code MAKER20. 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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